ColorshiftsPlus is a puzzle game that challenges you to clear the game board by shifting color between neighboring balls.  


Play with three exciting game variations and four difficulty levels.  

The “Standard” game tests your skill at recognizing color patterns as you strive to clear progressively more difficult game boards. Each game board is randomly generated for a unique play experience with every game.  


For a faster paced experience, race against the clock to clear as many boards as possible before the timer expires with the “Timed” game variant.


The “Puzzle” mode offers 200 challenging puzzles ranging from simplistic for the beginners to diabolical for the most advanced players.  

colorshiftsPlusSS2 colorshiftsPlusSS3

Every game board has a guaranteed solution.  Yes, even those exceptionally difficult expert puzzles!  

Build your score by successfully clearing levels, avoid using the undo and reset moves to earn huge bonus points.  Clear the level without making any mistakes to earn the highest score.  

Clear game boards by touching the colored balls to shift color from their neighbors.  When a ball’s color is balanced it will disappear (turn black).  Make all 100 balls disappear to clear the board. Be careful though, a ball will reappear when it becomes unbalanced by shifting color to a selected neighbor.