ColorshiftsHD 2.0 Released
October 2, 2010
The latest version of Colorshifts, is now available for download at the App Store.  This new version features high resolution graphics and new game puzzles. In addition to the new features we have also made ColorshiftsHD FREE. That’s right, the complete version with all game content is now available for free.

With over 200 puzzles and endless random board variations ColorshiftsHD provides players with game boards ranging in difficulty from basic for first time players to diabolically challenging to test the skills of even the most experienced players.

You will need to solve the puzzles to unlock more challenging puzzles and the more difficult game modes.

ColorshiftsHD is available for all iOS4 enabled devices. iPad users can purchase
ColorshiftsPlus and the original Colorshifts is available for all iPhone and iPod Touch devices.

Look for
ColorshiftsHD, ColorshiftsPlus and the original Colorshifts in the App Store and please let us know what you think. Comments and suggestions can be sent directly to  We love to hear from our fans and we take your feedback seriously.